LEGO CEO credits 'highly engaged' staff with profit boost

The LEGO Group CEO paid tribute to the company’s “highly engaged” staff after the company revealed a 15% growth in sales and profits.

The company has grown by 893 employees in 2014, bringing staff numbers up to 14,762 worldwide.

Jørgen Vig Knudstorp,  President and CEO said: “Our dedicated and highly engaged employees around the world can proudly take credit for our strong performance in 2014.”

He went on to praise new members of staff who have improved the company’s diversity and inspired innovation within the company.

“In addition, welcoming even more new employees adds to our current diversity, brings new inspiration and new ways of working to our company, so I am pleased that so many employees joined us in 2014, amongst them the two new members of the LEGO Group’s Management Board.”

John Goodwin, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer said he expected the expansion to continue.

“Due to our continued focus on innovation and commitment  to global expansion we expect to grow moderately ahead of the market in the future, while remaining committed to our continued aspiration to deliver the greatest play experiences possible to children all over the world.”

Image courtesy of Wikicommons

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