5 tips for improving the quality of your training

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It’s important to get things in perspective here - the first thing that needs to be said is that generally speaking the quality of training experienced by UK employees has greatly improved over the last twenty years or so.  

Far more Heads of L&D are now focused on aligning their function to business objectives and improving their strategic capabilities by, for example, ensuring that learning design and training delivery follow consistent standards and embracing the benefits now offered by online learning.

Nevertheless, although things have improved (‘death by PowerPoint’ is less ubiquitous than it was!) the UK still lags behind in the skills of the workforce compared with its principal competitors.  Could more be done?   Nick Mitchell, CEO of The Training Foundation, believes that it could.

“I feel that there are 5 key areas which, if given thoughtful consideration, could directly or indirectly lead to a substantive improvement in training quality, learning transfer and return on investment. Sadly, however, they can be easily overlooked, or put in the ‘too hard to fix’ tray, and our experience suggests they often are.”

In this video clip, Nick offers his thoughts on these 5 opportunity areas:

  • adjusting the attitude of senior managers towards training
  • recruiting the right people to L&D roles
  • ensuring ongoing skills development of the L&D team
  • developing a robust learning transfer system
  • measuring the right things

Visit the website for more information about The Training Foundation.

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