Employee dating apps are cyber security threat

Employee dating apps are cyber security threat

Dating apps used by employees could leave companies vulnerable to cyber security threats, according to a new report.

IBM has found that nearly 60% of the leading mobile dating apps studied on the Android mobile platform are vulnerable to attack. Furthermore, it was found that within half of companies, employee-installed dating apps are present on mobile devices that have access to confidential business data. This is driven by the increase of BYOD schemes among organisations.

Nearly three quarters (73%) of the 41 popular dating applications studied have access to current and historical GPS location information. In addition, several have vulnerabilities that would allow a hacker to access a phone’s camera or microphone outside of the app. Another potential risk is profile hacking which would allow impersonation and communication with other app users.

However, IBM isn’t discouraging the use of dating apps. Instead, employers are advised to protect BYOD devices, educate employees about app security and act immediately when a device is compromised.

Meanwhile IBM’s advice to users is: “Don’t divulge too much personal information on these sites. Information such as where you work, your birthday or links to your other social media profiles should be shared only when you’re comfortable with someone.

“Review the contacts and notes on your devices. Sometimes, users attach passwords and notes about personal and business contacts in their address book, but doing so could prove embarrassing and costly if they fall into the wrong hands.”

The final piece of advice for users is: “When you’re fortunate enough to have found your special someone, go back to the dating site and delete or deactivate your profile rather than keeping your personal information available to others. And don’t forget to buy him or her a Valentine’s Day gift this year!”

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