Apple, Google, Intel & Adobe agree $415m non-poaching settlement

Four of the biggest names in tech have finally agreed a settlement in a class action lawsuit by tech workers who accused the firms of conspiring to limit job mobility and driving down salaries.

Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe are attempting to settle the case for $415 million (£272m) in payments to 64,000 current and former workers – $90.5 million more than a previous deal which a US judge rejected as too low.

The ‘no-hire’ policy entered in to by the companies meant that staff could not move to new roles at competitors and therefore restricting their potential earnings.

Further evidence came to light in January last year and the case was built on emails between some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, including late Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who agreed not to approach each other’s employees with job offers.

When the previous attempt to settle the case was deemed too low the judge warned that if the case went before a jury and the companies lost damages could reach the $9billion mark under US antitrust laws.

Image courtesy of Flickr user 401K-2013

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