Police demand selfies from job applicants

A police force has requested applicants submit a “selfie” in order to apply for the role of new deputy chief constable.

Humberside Police advertised the senior post, which had a salary of £117,078-a-year senior on its website.

The Chief Constable supported the advert campaign and insisted that it was “vital candidates embraced new technology”.

However, the unique advertising campaign has attracted criticism from a marketing expert who said that the form should not have used “the tactic” for a very “serious role” that commands a degree of respect in the community.

Emma Pearson-Kendall, director of Fred Marketing, said: “You would hope in a role this serious people would take it seriously. I think it would be better maybe if they were saying this [area] was a great place to live and work and all the opportunities here, focusing on that rather than how the applicant looks”.

Mrs Pearson-Kendall said that she hoped the selfie was not being used as a tool to “discriminate” against any potential candidates and also claimed that “she wouldn’t recommend that clients do it”.

The advert gained further criticism from Jessica Corsi, a partner at Doyle Clayton, the UK’s largest specialist employment law firm, who also advised employers not to follow the example of Humberside Police.

"First, there is the chance that unsuccessful candidates might consider that they have been discriminated against if they are not shortlisted for interview based on the photo, for instance if they are from a minority ethnic group," she explained.  

"Also, there is the question of what the police do with the ‘selfies’ afterwards – broadly speaking, under data protection laws they’d have to safely dispose of it once it was no longer necessary to them, but they are creating a compliance problem for themselves to ensure this is done correctly, especially where information is shared internally on emails," Corsi added. 

The force defended their decision to request selfies for the new role and Chief Constable Justine Curran said they had “invested heavily in new technology in a bid to modernise the way we work”.

“We currently have a vacancy for a Deputy Chief Constable which is a key role within the force and as such it is vital that potential candidates understand the importance of embracing new technology within Humberside Police at the point of applying for the role,” she said.

“This is why we have created a recruitment advert that reflects our aims and ambitions as a force by encouraging candidates to get involved from the outset,” Curran concluded.


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Comments (1)

  • Brenda Clifford
    Brenda Clifford
    Wed, 14 Jan 2015 11:33pm GMT
    Yep discriminatory will happen without a thought in actually doing that. Pics should not be used.

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