Working hours most important to candidates

David Rudick, VP International Markets at, says the job site’s latest research emphasises the need for work/life balance.

National Work-Life week takes place this week and Rudick described it as “a great initiative that highlights the importance of companies offering their employees and potential employees a healthy work/life balance”.

“Recent research from reflects the significance of job flexibility and work/life balance revealing that working hours are the most important factor for almost two-thirds (57%) of people when deciding to apply for a job,” he stated.

Rudick claimed that the research provided indicated that 66% of job seekers believed that only a salary/benefits package was deemed more important information than job flexibility when applying for a role.

However, job flexibility still remains important to some sections of society as he revealed that “over a quarter (26%) of Brits claim it is the most important”. Although a clear minority, the needs of a quarter of Brits have been taken into consideration by the countries recruiters.

UK employers have successfully met the growing demand for job flexibility by their employees, according to a recent report from Rudick also confirmed that the report had led to the discovery that “the UK is the top source for international searches for flexible jobs”.

“With the recent extension of the right to request flexible working for all UK employees, it’s very exciting to see the UK as leaders in job flexibility internationally supporting National Work-Life Week,” he concluded.

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