Strike three at AstraZeneca

Strike three at AstraZeneca
Staff at the biopharmaceutical firm will be taking their third day of strike action tomorrow (23 September) as the dispute over pension cuts is still yet to be resolved.

Employees who are GMB members will be striking over AstraZeneca’s decision to impose cuts to its defined pension scheme

More than 70% of GMB members at its second largest site in the world in Macclesfield voted for strike action.

Previous strikes were held on 8 September and 15 September, together totalling 18 hours of strike action.

The ongoing disputes coincide with the Trades Union Congress’ (TUC) release of top pensions, which found that AstraZeneca’s Chief Executive David Brennan is third in the UK league of top bosses’ pension entitlements. He will receive a pension of more than £17,500 per week.

Allan Black, National Officer, GMB, comments: “It has been necessary for the members to take this third day of strike action as the company have made no attempt to negotiate or even discuss the matter with GMB.

“GMB again urges the company to return to the negotiation table with to resolve this issue.”

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