Six keys | How HR can use content to craft a culture of inclusivity

How HR can use content to craft a culture of inclusivity

Define your goals and values

Diversity and inclusion is a wildly broad term. Like many such terms, it can really encompass anything to do with employee experience, engagement and purpose within the workplace. So, the first step is to obviously define your terms. If you're too catch-all, chances are your content will fail as it'll be vague and unhelpful. By painting the diversity within your teams with a too-broad brush, the resulting content may actually be offensive, in the long-term.

Celebrate each individual community within your culture. Celebrate the diversity and the contribution they make to the makeup of your organisation, but understand that equality does not mean treating everyone the same, when different demographics have different needs. What are the pillars of D&I? Are we talking about gender, race, religion, disability, sexuality? What behaviors are you trying to encourage? Start with your desired outcomes. What do you want people to gain from the content? Put them in bold, at the top of your plan, and work backward from there. And, keep it simple. People skim read, so break up the content with key headings, perhaps the outcome aims you established.

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