Start the party | In-person events back on the rise as firms bid to reconnect employees

In-person events back on the rise as firms bid to reconnect employees

After years of quarantine and widespread cancellations of events, companies are once again turning to in-person events to connect employees in 2022.

TravelPerk, a travel management company for businesses, recently released a survey that shows companies are implementing in-person events to better connect their employees.

As remote work opportunities continue to increase, companies struggle to find ways to connect employees with company goals, values, cultures—and each other.

TravelPerk found that implementing in-person, company-wide events is the answer for many organizations, with 88% of companies saying they are getting back to planning in-person events and team gatherings for 2022 and beyond.

Additionally, company in-person events aim to support employee mental health. According to the American Psychiatric Association, most employees working from home say they experience negative mental health impacts, including isolation and loneliness.

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The TravelPerk survey found that 79% of employees are most excited to get back to events for the opportunity to meet other colleagues and build meaningful relationships in real life.

“The important things in life happen in person. This belief comes from the magic and the energy that bursts when we get together in person,” said Avi Meir, CEO & Co-Founder at TravelPerk.

Additional survey findings included:

  • Following building relationships, respondents are most excited to immerse themselves into their company culture during in-person events

  • 46% of respondents claimed they are excited to organize large-scale company off-sites for things like kick-offs or socializing

  • The most popular type of event companies are planning is a team-building experience with an overnight component to bring colleagues together

  • 79% of companies are allocating a specific budget for events and team gatherings

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