HR honors | The five top U.S. employers you might not have heard of - as rated by employees

The five top U.S. employers you might not have heard of - as rated by employees

The winners of the Top Workplaces USA 2024 competition have been announced, with the top five employers including mortgage lending companies, a staffing business, and a credit union.

The Top Workplace USA rankings, co-sponsored by Energage and USA TODAY, are based solely on employee feedback gathered through 12 months of results from a 24-question employee engagement survey.

As such, the awards consistently honor organizations and HR teams that might not typically rank highly on awards lists which are often dominated by well-known, Fortune 500 companies.

Only employers with at least 150 employees are eligible, and 2024’s rankings for organizations with more than 2,500 employees are in. The top five employers are:

  1. Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., a mortgage lending company (Madison, Wisconsin)

  2. Plante Moran, a certified public accountants and consultants firm (Southfield, Michigan)

  3. Aya Healthcare, a travel nursing staffing firm (San Diego, California)

  4. New American Funding, a mortgage lending firm (Tustin, California)

  5. Mountain America Credit Union, a credit union (Salt Lake City, Utah)

In 2024, the survey polled over 2 million staff at more than 7,000 organizations. Companies must achieve a 35% response rate in their engagement surveys if they want to make the cut.

Fairway Independent Mortgage has secured its fourth top spot in a row. As yet, the company has not released a formal statement, though COO Len Krupinski said in receipt of the award in 2023 that its secret to success is its culture and ownership model.

"We all try to make Fairway feel like a family, and it's not a coincidence that we are an employee-owned company,” he explained. “We all share responsibility for Fairway's success."

Plante Moran has only released a boilerplate statement acknowledging its ranking, stating “We ranked No. 2 in the 2,500+ staff category, and this is our second year on the list.”

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In 2023, managing partner Jim Proppe described the importance of Plante Moran’s positive work culture on its business success.

“From its inception 100 years ago, Plante Moran has drawn the connection between creating a caring and encouraging work environment and providing exceptional client service,” Proppe said. “We call it our ‘Wheel of Progress.’ We know if we take care of our staff, they will in turn take care of our clients and communities, creating a positive long-term effect.”

There are three other categories for small organizations with 1,000 to 2,499 employees, 500 to 999 employees, and 150 to 499 employees respectively.

Eric Rubino, Energage CEO, described the news for employers like Aya Healthcare, New American Funding, and Mountain America Credit Union as "a morale-boosting honor for the workforce and an effective magnet for attracting top-tier talent.”

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