Digital nomads | 7 out of 10 workers want to work abroad

7 out of 10 workers want to work abroad

More than seven in ten UK employees (72%) say they are planning on working in a different country as a ‘digital nomad’, meaning they can travel freely whilst working remotely, according to new research from the Post Office.

One in three workers said they have already tried 'digital nomadism' and a third say they can work as effectively from a beach as they can from an office.

Amongst the respondents, it was Gen Z and Millennials (83%) who said they would be the most up for trading their current work model for one where they can work abroad, with a lower 56% of Baby Boomers saying they would take the opportunity.

From an employer’s perspective, a third of companies say they allow employees to log on from different countries and nearly three quarters are considering introducing the policy.

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Nine in ten respondents said they imagine digital nomadism becoming a key part of the future of work.

Half said they want the opportunity to work abroad remotely to increase their work-life balance and it would give them the opportunity to see the world whilst working.

A third said this model would give them the flexibility to spend time with family and friends.

Interestingly, 12% of UK workers said they have already experienced remote work overseas from when they felt forced to answer work emails or calls whilst on annual leave.

Dodging the cost-of-living crisis

Out of the survey’s 2000 respondents, a third said an incentive to save money by living in a country that’s cheaper was a motivation for wanting to be a digital nomad.

The report explained: “Working remotely from a cheaper country while on a UK salary could be a savvy way of navigating the cost-of-living crisis - although people should consider the tax implications of working abroad.”

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“The Post Office urges those jumping on the trend to consider what it entails to avoid any unforeseen issues - do you need a visa, what is your tax liability, is it a favourable time zone, what travel insurance is needed?”

With the cost-of-living crisis putting a strain on the pockets of average Brits, workers recognise they could have a much better standard of living in a different country whilst earning the same amount. As a result, employers must brace themselves from potential demands from staff.

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