Burnout | Shocking number of US workers are struggling with wellbeing

Shocking number of US workers are struggling with wellbeing

According to the latest insight from the Future Forum, physical and mental wellbeing among the US workforce is in crisis.

Research from the group’s latest survey indicates that a shocking four in ten desk-based workers (or around 41%) are currently suffering from burnout, massively affecting both their health, and their ability to do their jobs.

This figure has risen sharply from May of 2021, when the previous survey data was captured. At this time, 39% concluded that they were burning out.

The comprehensive study was taken from a snapshot of over 10,000 full-time desk-based workers from November 16 to December 12. It also featured global data, which found that on average, around one per cent more workers were burning out abroad.

The U.K. and France tied at 48%, while 37% of desk workers in Germany reported feeling like burnout was impacting them. Japan, with 27%, had the lowest share of the countries surveyed.

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Unsurprisingly, this widespread burnout issue is massively impacting the job market, with one in three workers currently looking for a new job to get away from a toxic workplace in which burnout has thrived.

According to the findings, those who felt the effects of burnout were almost twice as likely to "feel disconnected from company values, direct managers, immediate team and executive leadership," Future Forum said.

One way that companies are mitigating the issue, or at least partially overcoming it, is the offer more flexibility. When comparing workers who have "moderate" flexibility with their job schedules and those who have none, those lacking flexibility were 26% more likely to report burnout, according to the survey.

This was echoes in responses from polled workers, over half of whom stated that they felt they had "little to no ability" to make alterations in their work schedules.

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