Ink-friendly | How Disney, Virgin Atlantic & more are changing views on tattoos at work

How Disney, Virgin Atlantic & more are changing views on tattoos at work

Tattoos have been a controversial subject matter in the workplace and across different business areas. However, the once-stigmatised issue is evolving thanks to new policies being introduced at top companies...

A January Rasmussen Reports Survey revealed that nearly half of Americans under the age of 40 have tattoos. Also, 33% of all Americans have tattoos.

Similarly, in the UK context, a survey conducted by YouGov in 2018 found that 40% of people have at least one tattoo.

On the other hand, tattoos have been perceived as a sign of informal behaviour or a breach towards dress code conduct by many businesses.

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But there are differing views from many different people and areas of work on this particular topic.

For example, Victoria Millington, an Automation Business Analyst at Capgemini, puts forth: “Having tattoos doesn't make you any less competent in your role than your non-inked colleagues!”

As a matter of fact, some major companies are stepping up their game in their industry and making new changes towards employees with tattoos.

Progressing forward

One industry giant, Disney, has been transforming its stance towards tattoos recently.

In the past, Disney employees have faced multiple problems in relation to dress code policies from having piercings to tattoos to wearing specific clothing and more.

However, Josh D’Amaro, the Chairman at Disney Parks has expressed that Disney is shifting with a new policy.

He stated in terms of the policy of Disney: “Provides greater flexibility with respect to forms of personal expression surrounding gender-inclusive hairstyles, jewellery, nail styles, and costume choices; and allowing appropriate visible tattoos.”

Also, with this policy, Disney is aiming to have more expression for employees to show their tattoos and feel more welcomed.

Evan Shannon, a Peer Support Specialist at JPS Health Network, expressed his thoughts with regard to Disney’s policy move: “Glad to see this becoming a trend. I won’t work for a company that requires me to hide my tattoos.”

Virgin Atlantic is ‘proud’

Another top and well-known company that has jumped on board with bringing dress code and ink-friendly means are visible with Virgin Atlantic.

On International Flight Attendants Day, Virgin Atlantic posted by saying it’s proud to be the first UK airline to allow visible tattoos.

Various individuals were happy and praised Virgin Atlantic for their new policy and outlook on this subject matter.

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Richard James Casey, Executive Director at World Small Animal Veterinary Association in association with the move of Virgin Atlantic stated: “As a professional with many visible tattoos all I say is it’s about time!”

Yes, this is a major move by Virgin Atlantic.

Also, they scraped their gender-based uniforms too in the move to improve diversity and inclusion within the company.

Empowerment for all

Despite the progression towards a better future by different industry giants and areas of businesses towards tattoos, some people have communicated a different manner of concern.

May Sweeney, Account Executive at Third Aspect, states: “That’s right I’m talking tattoos, and Virgin Atlantic's new policy to allow uniformed employees to showcase them.”

She adds: “It seems like quite a big step amongst the airline community, but surely it’s something that: should already be the standard.”

Sweeney has made a major point that it’s reinforcing but should be done a long time ago.

Overall, this is a great stepping stone and a push for crucial means of expression and wellbeing.

Disney and Virgin Atlantic are setting an example and more is to come from other companies and business agendas.

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