Hiring Managers: State of Hiring and Retention

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What are your peers doing to fill roles during shortages? What’s the current state of hybrid work and return-to-office? What are the biggest challenges facing hiring managers in 2024?

We unpacked the data to bring you answers to your most pressing questions.

Did you know…

  • Nearly half of hiring managers say they’ve recently changed their offer package to entice new employees.

  • 72% of hiring managers say the current state of the workforce has impacted their hiring.

  • 40% of hiring managers say they've had to expedite hiring to fill roles

Download this report to:

  • Learn How Your Strategies Compare - Get an inside look at how your hiring manager peers hire and retain talent.

  • Build More Competitive Offers - Use the latest data to ensure your offer packages align with market trends.

  • Optimize Your Retention Tactics - See how employers balance pay increases with flexibility and other incentives.

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