Deaf associate support | Walmart offers paid American Sign Language training to all employees at Texas facility

Walmart offers paid American Sign Language training to all employees at Texas facility

Walmart will provide access to American Sign Language training to all workers at a site in Lancaster, Texas, the retail giant announced earlier this month.

Dave Guggina, Walmart’s EVP of Supply Chain Operations, informed the staff of the facility – a perishable distribution center – during the company’s annual ‘Associates Week’ celebration.

According to Walmart, the training comes in support of Kayla Kampman, its first deaf automation engineer who is a top performer at the facility.

Guggina and Walmart’s leadership team hope the training will create a more inclusive and supportive environment for employees like Kampman and will also encourage more deaf employees to join the facility.

“Kayla is passionate about recruiting more deaf associates to her facility and looks forward to the support and education for her fellow colleagues,” a spokesperson for Walmart said in an email statement to HR Grapevine.

In a LinkedIn post, Guggina shared a video of the moment he announced the policy, signing the news to Kampman. “Moments like this make me proud to work at Walmart,” he wrote.

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Guggina noted that the training was requested by the staff at the facility, who wanted to create an inclusive environment for Kampman and any future deaf associates.

“The associates at PDC #8348 have expressed interest in learning sign language so they can continue to make their facility one where everyone feels like they belong,” he said.

Addressing Kampman directly, Guggina signed:

“Kayla, your passion to recruit more deaf associates onto your site is so impressive. To support your team and provide you and other deaf associates with the tools needed to thrive in the workplace, we’re offering a paid American Sign Language course to all associates in your facility. We’re proud of you Kayla, thanks for being you.”

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The room, full of Walmart associates, celebrated the news with a signed round of applause.

“This is one of the many ways that Walmart is introducing new trainings, meeting associates wherever they are on their learning journey and helping make Walmart a place where everyone belongs,” the Walmart spokesperson added to HR Grapevine.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has a detailed set of guidelines for employers on handling hearing disabilities in the workplace, including when to ask about hearing conditions, reasonable accommodations for those with hearing disabilities, and protection against harassment.

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