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Your people have spoken: A guide to the ultimate employee engagement strategy

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At the heart of any business is the people making it happen. So, why are reward and benefits programmes non-existent for so many, and others are run on the tightest of budgets?

Offering an inclusive, diverse reward and benefits package needs to be a crucial part of every business’ strategy. Not only is there an increasing responsibility to ensure an employees’ personal wellbeing, but it’s in your best interests when it comes to recruiting quality talent.

This new guide from Blackhawk Network, provides you with all of the information you need to deliver the ultimate employee engagement in 2021 and beyond.

It includes:

  • Results from a survey involving over 2,000 UK respondents

  • Insight into the types of rewards employees would appreciate most

  • Tips and tricks to help you inform your future employee reward and benefits strategy 

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Blackhawk Network in the UK is a leading provider of incentives, rewards and benefits. We collaborate with our clients to engage with the people that matter most to their business.

Global brands and SMBs alike trust us to deliver meaningful connections with branded payments.

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