Your Guide to Creating a World-Class Employee Value Proposition

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Is your Employee Value Proposition competitive enough?

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) helps you stand out from the competition and defines what makes your organisation a desirable place to work. A constantly evolving EVP also keeps your best people where you want them: Right beside you in your organisation.

There are so many ways to boost your EVP, you may be wondering where to start — is it salary, is it benefits, is it something else? Luckily, no matter what your budget, there are plenty of initiatives to put in place to improve your EVP, and bring in and retain the best talent.

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  • How to link your EVP to your company culture and overall engagement strategy

  • Engaging, budget-friendly benefits that can help you stand out as a great place to work

  • Real-life stories of how organisations have revolutionised their own EVPs

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