Workplace Health & Wellbeing Audit Report

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How Good is Your Corporate Wellbeing Strategy?

Many organisations are taking employee wellbeing extremely seriously, but how well are these strategic initiatives performing? Where are the areas of excellence and where are we falling short on supporting our employees’ health and wellbeing needs?

In this latest report, we uncover where the organisational strengths and weaknesses lie in the corporate workplace landscape and share findings on how to deliver an effective health and wellbeing strategy.

The report includes:

  • Key findings from a survey into corporate wellbeing strategies across categories including mental health, leadership and healthy working environments

  • How sectors compare to each other in their employee wellbeing propositions

  • Further stats on returning to the workplace

About Welbot

Welbot is an innovative, award-winning, evidence-based corporate workplace wellness platform designed to improve employee health and wellbeing whilst in the office or when working remotely from home.

Our enterprise software features physical and mental wellbeing exercises, nutrition reminders, daily mood and engagement stats, custom Notifications and real-time insights and reporting.


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