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Millions of people are anxiously awaiting a return to normal, but not with work...

There’s now an urgent expectation for something new. Something that, in the words of HR analyst Josh Bersin, represents a shift towards “empathy, compassion and understanding.”

The ultimate goal? To create a sense of belonging and unlock the innovation, creativity and productivity that only people can deliver.

In this handbook, you will learn about:

  • The micro and macro touchpoints that matter to your workforce
  • The 5 factors to help you decide how to prioritise employee expereince initiatives
  • How to give your employees a voice

About Workplace from Meta

Workplace is an easy-to-use platform that connects everyone in an organization using familiar features from Facebook (n.b. in this context, we are talking about the FB app) like video calling, instant messaging, and groups. It works with the other tools you already love, providing a simple and secure way for people to share knowledge, work together and build connected communities.

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