Why benefits are essential to employee engagement

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Excellent employee benefits are more than a 'nice to have' for recruitment and retention. They're a critical part of the foundations upon which employee engagement is developed.

This paper explores the steps required to create a highly effective employee benefits scheme, illustrated with a real life case study from Leicester City Council.

We look at:

  • Employee Engagement - more than productivity

  • Why engagement is so important

  • Getting your benefits right

  • Sourcing the right provider

  • Communicating an effective benefits plan

  • How Leicester City Council did it

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Tusker is the UKs market leading and award winning salary sacrifice car provider. We've been setting up HMRC compliant schemes since 2009 in both the private and public sector and we think they're a perfect addition to an employee benefits package. Our award winning service is delivered through the most advanced live quotation and fleet management system in the UK and runs securely over the internet. We work in partnership with our customers to understand their requirements and implement a robust, bespoke and successful salary sacrifice car scheme.

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