We need to talk: Tips for talking about Mental Health in the workplace

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With so much change happening in the world of work, it is increasingly vital for organisations to ensure their best asset is supported and protected. With the majority of the UK Workforce now working from home, how can organisations look after employee’s mental wellbeing? 

This latest report from Personal Group looks into the statistics surrounding employee mental health and provide top tips for employers, encouraging them to face the issues that are affecting so much of our workforce. This report explores the stigma surrounding talking about mental health at work and how organisations can lead by example to help employees feel supported both inside and outside the workplace, regardless of where they are working.

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Wellbeing, like us as individuals, is a sum of many parts. This is why Personal Group offer a range of products and services to support the physical, financial, mental and social needs of workers – wherever and whenever they need it the most.

We don’t just support employees, we look after our clients’ workers where it counts, both inside and outside of work; because wellbeing matters. We offer a range of products and services through our fully customisable employee experience platform that will gives access to all of the support and services your workers need, 24/7.

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