The Holy Grail: Bridging the Gap Between Performance & Wellbeing

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As organisations strive for innovation and success, understanding and enhancing the capabilities of their workforce becomes key to driving this forward.

Download this report to discover practical strategies for HR and People leaders to implement effective interventions that enhance employee performance and ground-breaking insights into the powerful connection between employee lifestyle factors and in-role performance.

You will learn:

  • The interesting results from a study into how leader’s cognitive performance and ability to cope in mentally demanding environments was impacted by various lifestyle factors

  • Cutting-edge research linking lifestyle factors such as sleep, exercise, and nutrition to in-role performance

  • Real-world data on the impact of lifestyle-based interventions on leadership effectiveness

About Ownlife

OwnLife are a pioneering coaching and analytics company that help forward looking organisations engage, develop and retain their talent by making a unique investment in them personally, to optimize their cognitive performance and bring their best to everything they do.

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