Understanding and supporting neurodiversity in the workplace

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1 in 5 people are neurodiverse. According to a study by WTW, 50% of neurodivergent people said they felt burnt out at work, compared to 38% of neurotypical employees.

Inclusivity is not just a tick-box exercise. It’s about building workplace environments that work for all employees, and supporting neurodiverse individuals is an important part of this.

Download our guide on what neurodiversity looks like in the workplace and how it can impact someone at work. You will learn:

  • Why workplace support for neurodiversity is crucial

  • How to create an inclusive workplace for neurodiverse employees

  • What neurodiversity in the workplace looks like and the impact it can have on an individual

Fertifa provides employees with ongoing wellbeing support and navigational advice for all neurodiversity conditions, from dyslexia to dyspraxia to ADHD to autism spectrum conditions.

Download the guide to support neurodiversity in the workplace.

About Fertifa

Fertifa is the UK and Europe’s leading reproductive health benefits provider. We provide diagnosis and treatment, clinical advice, educational support, and financing for employers across the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.

We support employees in sectors across retail, banking, financial services, technology and media, for clients including Monzo Bank, Sony Music, Meta, Osborne Clarke, Rathbones, Lululemon, ClearScore, SpaceNK, Aviva, Bain Capital, and Balderton Capital.

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