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Unchartered territory: Mapping a way through the Post-COVID skills crisis

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Amidst a global talent shortage and rapidly transforming models of work, we surveyed 4,000 employees across Europe to understand 2021 perspectives on careers and coaching.

The results show a worrying trend:

  • Business leaders across Europe are at risk of sleepwalking into a skills shortage crisis, with 1 in 5 employees planning to leave their roles in the next year

  • 63% of employees say they discuss their career plans with their line manager only once a year – or never

  • 48% of workers have changed their career plans in the last two years – and more employees are looking outside their current organisation

Is your business retaining the right employees, or are you at risk of losing the key skills needed for survival?

“These findings are a call to action for organisations to focus on career development, if they don’t want to lose employees. The key challenge is that what organisations think is sufficient in terms of career development, is not sufficient.”

Ian Symes, Global Brand Leader, Right Management

Download the report to dig into the data and learn how your organisation can overcome the looming skills crisis.

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