Typical bonus payments made in the past 12 months

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As the country went into its first lockdown in March 2020, many organisations were preparing for the bonus round and had to make some quick decisions on whether or not they could go ahead with payments.

While the overall incidence of bonus payments has fallen over the past year, a significant number of managers and professionals did enjoy a bonus payment over and above their basic salary.

Download the latest infographic to find out:

  • Typical bonus payments made to UK professionals and managers

  • How bonuses vary by job level, job function and industry

  • Source of accurate salary and bonus data, specific to your industry, location and company size

Analysis is based on Cendex data for 331,292 managers and professionals employed in 805 organisations.

About Cendex

Cendex enables organisations to recruit, retain and motivate their talent with total confidence, by providing live data solutions in a single, trusted platform.

  • With over 1 million UK employees across 25 different function groups, Cendex provides access to the most comprehensive reward data.

  • Updated every 30 days, Cendex has the most up-to-date reward data on the market.

  • Cendex enables employers to proactively respond to market changes and make reward decisions with confidence.

As part of the RELX Group, a world leader in information-based analytics and decision tools for business professionals, Cendex leads the way in live reward data.


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