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The Ultimate Retention Guide

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In the face of persistent talent shortages, the Talent Solutions Ultimate Retention Guide provides a comprehensive analysis and roadmap for organisations grappling with recruitment and retention challenges.

Despite a positive intent to hire at the start of 2024, the talent gap persists, demanding a strategic shift. High staff turnover and extended time-to-hire reveal the ineffectiveness of constant recruitment. To break the cycle of hiring and losing talent, emphasis on fostering a culture of career ownership and mobility is the key to cultivating a resilient, productive, and satisfied workforce.

This guide highlights obstacles to employee development, such as a lack of skill visibility and challenges faced by middle managers. Employees, now empowered, seek more than just a job — considerations include work-life balance, career advancement, skill development and DEIB policies.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Why retention is often more important than recruitment

  • The factors leading to employee attrition and strategies to reduce it

  • What employees truly desire beyond monetary compensation

  • The seven essential steps to reskill and upskill your workforce

  • How to integrate retention practices seamlessly into your talent strategy

About ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions

We help organisations create flexibility and agility around their talent strategy to enable them to transform how they attract, understand, manage and evolve their workforces.

We connect them to the talent they need and optimise their workforce management processes, so they can achieve their critical business goals.

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