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The True Costs of Menopause to Business: An Expert Guide

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The conversation around menopause has drastically changed over the last decade.

Ten years ago, menopause was kept in the shadows and suffered in silence. Thankfully, that taboo is now steadily being broken, and employers are stepping up in response.

Here we uncover why now is the time to rise to the occasion, and how to become the menopause expert in your workplace.

You will learn:

  • What menopause actually costs your business 

  • What high impact menopause support looks like 

  • Business and health challenges impact on your DE&I strategy

About Peppy Health

Peppy is a health app that connects your people to trusted information and real, human experts.

Peppy is a health app that is changing the way employers care for their people, supporting under-served areas of healthcare. These include family and reproductive health – trying to start a family, becoming a parent and going through the menopause – and specialist support for men’s health and women’s health.

When an employer gives its people Peppy, it connects them to support and trusted information delivered by real, human experts over chat, live events and virtual consultations. Users can also access a wealth of on-demand, expert-created content, including videos, audios, articles and multi-week programmes.

Peppy helps employees take control of their health by giving them the information, answers and personalised support they need, at the touch of a button.

Over 250 leading UK employers and over one million individuals have access to life-changing support with Peppy, including Clifford Chance, Marsh McLennan, Santander, the University of Sheffield and Wickes.

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