The transformation of employee engagement

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As the Great Resignation has illustrated, employees across the world are seeking a new relationship with work. Most are seeking employers that can help them fulfil their purpose and do the best work of their lives.

Which makes this, truly, an epic era for employee engagement. Whats included in the guide:

  • Exclusive Winningtemp data showing how the pandemic has impacted engagement and stress levels over the past two years.

  • Examples of solutions companies have put in place to avoid burnout and boost engagement.

  • Break downs of hot engagement & wellness trends like the 4-day work week, office nap pods, and mandated paid leave.

  • Innovative ideas to support personal development and a sense of purpose amongst your employees

About Winningtemp

We are passionate about creating thriving workplaces. Since 2014, we have been developing a revolutionary solution that helps managers and leaders to measure and improve the well-being of their entire organisation. Powered by AI, our platform enables you to visualise employee development and gain insights that enhance engagement and mental well-being while minimising stress and staff turnover. By strengthening employee experiences, we create high-performing workplaces worldwide.


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