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The Shape of Talent Acquisition Across Europe

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During 2020, businesses, economies and personal welfare – and even the strategic mindset of leaders – have all been stress-tested by the COVID-19 pandemic. One result of this is a buffeting and transformation of business world outlook. CEOs, tasked with guiding organisations through this difficult time, are now kept up at night by macro-global problems (climate change, geopolitical uncertainty), risks attached to digitally-centric ways of working, and getting access to the skills and talent they need.

In light of the pandemic-transformed business landscape and uncertain outlook, HR Grapevine and AGS surveyed practitioners in the HR and talent acquisition space to assess current capability in areas that are central to resilient organisational performance.

Download this whitepaper to discover key insights into the current state of talent acquisition in the UK.

Some key findings include:

  • Two-thirds of TA describe their function as better performing compared to 12 months prior – when almost 50% thought they could improve

  • Over six in 10 respondents believe they could use data to deliver better insight

  • Over 70% believe their brand is working to attract talent

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