The New Talent Code To Unlock Human Potential

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Yesterday’s talent practices aren’t enough

Today's conditions are the most challenging in decades. And record-keeping systems like your ATS and HRIS aren't up to the task. They weren't designed to unlock people’s potential, and they don’t deliver the best experience for candidates, employees, or recruiters.

To successfully compete for and retain top talent, you must understand what people are capable of now and what skills they need to succeed, today and tomorrow.

As separate talent functions converge and technology advances, you have to employ new solutions to gain that understanding.

About Eightfold

Eightfold’s deep-learning talent intelligence platform is powered by the largest global talent data set to unleash the full potential of the total workforce – employees, candidates, contractors, and citizens.

Grounded in Equal Opportunity Algorithms, the Eightfold® Talent Intelligence Platform uses deep-learning AI to help:

  • Attract the best talent for the job

  • Understand how your workforce stacks up against the competition

  • Identify and develop skills to unlock workforce potential

  • Deliver bias-free talent recruitment

  • and much more


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