The Key to Strategic HR: Process Automation

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The 8 Best Places to Start Automating HR Processes

Digitalisation has impacted not only the consumer world, but enterprises as well. The integrated use of analytics, cloud technology, machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and other innovative applications is transforming customer experiences and increasing enterprise productivity and efficiency. It's no wonder digital remains a top agenda for most executives.

Whilst it's true that HR processes are still very manual, document-driven and ripe for digitalisation, to transform them is often more complex than other business unit processes within your organisation. An integrated HR Service Delivery platform can automate and optimise any manual people-based processes. Orchestrating these processes will free your HR team up for more strategic work, while delivering a consumer-level experience to your employees.

Do you want to automate, but don't know where to start? This eBook explores how an HR Service Delivery platform can help automate processes - and where are the best places to start.

About PeopleDoc

PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software is committed to putting people first. The PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery platform helps HR teams upgrade the employee experience, improve HR agility, and ease compliance management.  

PeopleDoc global cloud solutions provide employee case management, knowledge portal, process automation, and employee file management capabilities. These solutions easily integrate with other HR and enterprise systems and can be implemented in 8-12 weeks.

In 2018, PeopleDoc joined Ultimate Software, a leading provider of human capital management cloud solutions. Ultimate employs more than 5,000 professionals and serves approximately 4,500 customers with employees in 180 countries.


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