The insight edge in talent acquisition: How data and insight can deliver
the skills needed in a hybrid workforce

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Capita People Solutions undertook comprehensive, independent research to uncover how data is currently being used within recruitment in UK organisations and the main drivers making better use of data and insights a business imperative.

We look to uncover the opportunities that data can bring in improving talent acquisition; the challenges HR and recruitment leaders are facing in their attempt to utilise data and insights to gain better visibility of their workforce, and the skills needed in the future of work.

We also wanted to generate a picture of how and why recruitment must improve their use of data over the next five years as organisations move towards a hybrid workforce, using data as a strategic lever to achieve better talent outcomes.

We conducted interviews with 350 HR and recruitment professionals, 500 business leaders (board directors, senior directors and heads of departments) and 2,031 employees. All respondents worked for UK organisations with more than 100 employees and came from representative samples of industries and job roles/functions.

In this insights report, we share the findings including:

  • Organisations current level of use of their data in recruitment

  • The drivers for HR and recruitment leaders wanting to improve their use of data and insight and where they see the potential value of data within talent acquisition

  • What personal data employees and candidates are willing to share in order to receive a more personalised, engaging experience throughout their recruitment journey

  • The challenges recruitment are facing in using their data to inform talent decisions

  • Organisations perception versus employees’ perception on what stages of the recruitment process should be driven by digital or humans

  • In what areas organisations feel that data can deliver better outcomes, re-shape recruitment and address skill shortages

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