Employee Reward,
Benefits & Wellbeing
23rd & 24th Sept 2020


The Great Recovery:
Future proofing your workforce

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With sights now firmly set on recovery, is your workforce ready?

Throughout the outbreak and lockdown, the way businesses operate, now and in the future, has been completely disrupted and this poses a unique set of challenges for businesses looking to rebuild.

In this report, we’re joined by David Fairhurst, ex Global Chief People Officer for McDonalds, to look at the challenges facing organisations and their people as we move into the recovery phase.

From reentry into the workplace to engaging in the new working world and beyond, we look at how, at each stage, you can protect the future of your workforce.

Download this report to find out:

  • Why financial resilience is more important than ever

  • How to encourage reentry into the workplace

  • How to engage in the new working world

  • How to future proof your workforce

Are you getting ready for recovery? Download this report now.

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Wagestream believes in better financial resilience for all - this means having access to the right tools and services so that employees can start to build a secure financial future. Charity-backed, we design all our products and solutions with financial resilience as the key guiding principle - guaranteeing a lasting and positive impact on your organisation.


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