The Essential Talent Acquisition Toolkit

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Hiring isn’t easy in today’s tight labor market. To stand out, TA teams must embrace a candidate-first approach driven by experience.

To help you get started, Phenom created the essential TA toolkit to improve personalisation and engagement at every moment in a candidate’s journey.

In this TA toolkit, you’ll find:

  • Candidate Journey Template: Personalise the candidate experience by mapping out every touchpoint and identifying how to enhance those interactions

  • Candidate Persona Template: Bring clarity to your ideal candidate to better attract and engage best-fit talent

  • 7 Must-Have Email Templates for Recruiters: Send more meaningful emails to candidates, overcome writer’s block, and boost efficiency

About Phenom

Phenom is a global HR tech company with a purpose to help a billion people find the right job. The Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform is empowering global enterprises to help candidates find the right job, employees grow and evolve, recruiters discover top talent, and managers build teams faster. Learn more.


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