The 'broken state' of employee onboarding:
An essential guide to the ‘Welcome Aboard’ research

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Employee onboarding covers all of the HR tasks that are required to convert successful candidates into productive new hires - from offer letters and contracts to reference checks and first-day admin.

It’s a critical part of the hiring cycle but one that’s often overlooked - largely thanks to it existing in the awkward administrative gap between Recruitment and HR systems. The research, involving a major survey of UK office workers, allow us to build an overview of the state of employee onboarding.

The results help to explain exactly why it remains such a challenging and often broken aspect of our HR operations and the costs to the business that result from them. It identifies the day-to-day struggles caused by outdated processes, paper-based admin and how crucial it is to deliver positive new starter experiences.

Some of the key information includes statistics on:

  • Outdated processes

  • Ineffective administration

  • Candidate dropouts

About Webonboarding

Webonboarding streamlines and improves the management of new hires via a powerful cloud-based solution. Using a paperless and automated approach, the system transforms the way onboarding is managed - delivering a faster process and more engaging experience.


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