The Developer Job Satisfaction Survey

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Did you know that 92% of 30-44 year old developers are unhappy in their role?

At hackajob we know how hard it is to attract, retain and nurture technical talent. It's why we spoke to hundreds of developers to understand how employers can make workplaces that tech talent want. 

  • Discover what perks help attract candidates and retain them.

  • Different genders and different ages have different needs. Do you cater for them?

  • Cut through the noise when hiring tech candidates - help your company stand out

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About hackajob

hackajob was born out of the frustration with the traditional recruitment agency approach and the difficulty of hiring top engineers. Rather than allowing recruitment to be clouded by unconscious bias, hackajob reimagines the process by building it around the needs of technical talent and the framework required to engage with them.

Thousands of companies such as Apple, Barclays and Argos depend on the hackajob platform to reduce the time to hire, engage with candidates and, most importantly, remove the bias from the recruitment process.


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