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The complete leader? What you need to know

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In a world that is crying out for great leadership, the social media and ‘pop’ leadership books are full of apparent insight and help. I searched on Google for ‘Become a better leader’ and on the first page I was recommended 20 ways… 10 ways… 7 steps… 4 simple things… and the like. The implication that we can all improve the quality of our leadership stands in direct contrast to the idea that leaders are born and not made.

What if the demands of leadership are so broad that it would be a very rare individual who could master it all? Can you combine the visionary and forward looking leadership skills of the strategist with the immediate operational leadership requirements of your team?

The complete leader may be hard to find but complete leadership is not: it is simply the province of teams rather than individuals.

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*FT combined rankings 2020

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