The Absenteeism Report 2018: Causes, consequences and cures

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Absence costs the UK as a whole £18 billion, a figure that is set to rise to £21 billion in 2020 and £26 billion in 2030.

So, what can businesses do to keep their employees healthy and happy? And what do HR leaders across the UK think about absence, it’s causes, consequences and cures? 

Find out in this latest report from AdviserPlus which brings together the views of 300 HR professionals, CIPD senior policy adviser, and their own experts, to discover:

  • How poor working environments can contribute to sickness levels

  • Practical solutions businesses should be using to manage absence

  • How holiday allowance and flexitime are impacting absenteeism

  • The best ways to use technology to monitor absence

About AdviserPlus

AdviserPlus is a leading provider of specialist HR services to large enterprises, including HR technology, consulting and employee relations advisory services.

AdviserPlus combines HR data analytics, technology and people expertise to help HR leaders turn people data into clear, meaningful insights; improve productivity, ER consistency, and people performance; and gain access to world-class people expertise, coaching and advice.

The Absenteeism Report 2018: Causes, consequences and cures

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