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The 7 rules of inclusion management: How to create an effective DE&I strategy

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Organisations must ensure that their DE&I strategy is underpinned by a time-sensitive action plan so it is not dismissed as an optional extra. A clear vision for inclusive change is a critical business priority.

To be successful, a DE&I strategy must be supported by data-driven goals and KPIs with leaders signing off and funding the agreed action points.

The strategy also needs to operate within a strategic alignment framework and dovetail with the organisation’s overall business plan, culture, people plans and customer engagement initiatives. Without such alignment, a DE&I strategy will be deprioritised and the organisation may sideline it – particularly in times of economic, social and political stability.

You will learn:

  • The importance of educating your workforce

  • How to build a workplace community

  • Effective methods to setting DE&I targets

About FAIRER Consulting

FAIRER Consulting stands at the forefront of thought leadership in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). As part of Hays Plc, we are a specialist inclusion management company that supports global businesses to diversify their talent pools and to create inclusive work cultures in three key areas: education, leadership and consulting.

We craft tailored training, consulting services and strategic solutions for organisations ready to make a difference. We push the boundaries by drawing upon research from the fields of social psychology, neuroscience and behavioural science, and our approach is always underpinned by the science of human thinking and organisational change. We are on a global mission to create fairer, equal and inclusive opportunities and outcomes for all. By working with organisations and business leaders, we aim to promote new perspectives at a fundamental level, encouraging positive thought to become positive action, and therefore moving the dial towards DE&I at an institutional level.

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