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The 12 Days of Christmas Shopping Forecast

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As we approach the end of a difficult year, are you looking to improve the way you reward and thank your employees this festive season?

Blackhawk Network have published their extensive research ‘The 12 Days of Christmas Shopping Forecast’ which looks at the 12 key Christmas shopping trends we can expect this year and how these impact on employers looking to reward and thank their staff.

This research explores the biggest Christmas shopping trends of 2020 and how they impact on employers looking to reward and thank their staff this festive season.

Some insights from the forecast include:

  • 43% of people are more likely to buy a gift card this year because of Covid-19

  • 58% of employees do not think they’ll receive a gift from their employer, with 11% unsure

  • 48% of employees would prefer a Christmas bonus added to their next pay cheque over a day off work (26%)

  • If receiving a gift card from an employer, 28% would prefer a restaurant themed gift card

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