Understand the financial impact of the pandemic on your people

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Have you recently checked in with your staff on financial wellbeing?

Whether nationally, locally or individually, financial pressures are at an all-time high for workers throughout the UK.

To help you engage your staff on financial wellbeing, Wagestream have teamed up with Owain Service, (Deputy Director of the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit), & CEO of the Cognition Company, and Edward Gardner, Director of Behavioural Science at the Cognition Company, to design a free, independent survey for you to withuse as a conversation starter for your team.

The survey is designed to measure how your workforce are managing their finances, with a particular focus on the impact of the pandemic.

The survey pack includes a benchmarking report, using national statistics, so that you can see how your workforce compares and quickly identify areas of concern.

Download the survey pack today, it includes:

  • The survey and a simple how to guide to help you run it for your organisation

  • A benchmarking report to compare your staff with the national average

  • Further tips on what you can do next

Download the survey and make a big difference in 2021.

About Wagestream

Wagestream believes in better financial resilience for all - this means having access to the right tools and services so that employees can start to build a secure financial future. Charity-backed, we design all our products and solutions with financial resilience as the key guiding principle - guaranteeing a lasting and positive impact on your organisation. 

Throughout the outbreak we’ve rolled out furlough and financial support to almost 50,000 employees with 86% of users saying Wagestream has made them feel less stressed throughout the covid period. 

For more information, get in touch @ www.wagestream.com


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