Tackling Screening: The ultimate guide for effective and efficient
pre-employment screening

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Reduce the cost and effort of ensuring your candidates are who they say they are, while optimising the candidate experience

The job market has not only become increasingly competitive, but employers also have to deal with new regulations as government legislation continues to change. With new laws, increased data regulations and tightening of online security, businesses need to work hard to ensure they are staying compliant and ahead of the game.

This guide includes research into screening and why it matters. It will help your business understand what you should be screening for and the best practice approach for screening within your organisation.

Some findings include:

  • Nearly £9,365,00 was issued in fines and penalties for illegal workers between January and March 2019

  • 75% of all applications contain inaccurate data

  • College and University registrar's report that at least 60% of the verifications they receive contain falsified information

About NSL

NSL Checking provides unrivalled expertise and a comprehensive range of services to meet identity checking, document verification and background screening requirements of organisations of all sizes across the public and private sectors. We provide customers with a consistent and highly responsive service which minimises risks and ensures compliance with ever changing legislation and identity check regulations.

NSL is a business unit of Marston (Holdings) Ltd. 


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