Spot the Signs: A Guide to Employee Wellbeing

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Drawing on the latest data and insights, this guide explains the scope of the problems faced by today’s employers: increased staff turnover and growing rates of burnout being among the most devastating. The solution to these challenges lies in a proactive approach to employee wellbeing.

Recognising warning signs of mental health issues in the workplace is the first step to introducing positive change and defining the best path to get there.

You will learn:

  • The costs of poor mental health

  • Proposed practical solutions for creating a strong, healthy workplace

  • How to be proactive leader when it comes to employee wellbeing

About Emplomind

Emplomind's mission is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and to ensure that no one has that Sunday night stomach ache when thinking about work.

We do this through education, workshops, and on-demand support.

Our on-demand support matches employees with Counselors and Coaches depending on their specific needs. They are then able to engage in 1-1 support through video, chat and audio sessions - in a fully anonymous and safe way.

According to WHO, 1 in 4 employees needs mental health support right now. We want to help employers to choose relevant and effective tools to support the wellbeing of their people.

Here are some numbers which make us proud and show that the chosen path was the right direction:

  • The average adaptation rate of our tool within organisations is around 20%

  • 49% of employees use psychologist support for the first time in their life in Emplomind app

  • 43% of Emplomind users are male

  • 97% of users would recommend Emplomind to their friend


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