Soft skills series - Driving transformation

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CrossKnowledge have compiled four of their most popular publications on today’s most compelling company strategies into one easy-to-use guide. From decision-making tips to leadership and entrepreneurial skills, this book will provide you with some useful advice that you can apply to any company, in any industry:

  • How to make better decisions by rethinking some of the main corporate processes

  • What does it mean to be a leader in the digital era

  • How to develop leadership accountability

  • How to create a positive and secure environment where employees can develop their entrepreneurial skills


About CrossKnowledge

CrossKnowledge provides corporate digital learning solutions that enable the success of individuals, teams and organisations through skills acquisition. CrossKnowledge delivers an integrated and personalised learning experience: a unique combination of their digital content for the most in-demand skills created with world-renowned experts, a learning platform built with human and artificial intelligence, and unmatched accountability with a dedicated Client Success Team.  That’s what makes CrossKnowledge the trusted learning partner of organisations, helping L&D, managers and learners acquire the skills they need to succeed. 


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