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Simplifying performance: 5 steps for implementing a system that actually works

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2021 brings a clean slate and new people challenges and questions for organisations, including how to best measure performance and develop your people.

Over the last decade, Culture Amp has worked with thousands of organisations to help overcome some of the most common challenges in developing the right performance process. These challenges can range from not having a performance process at all (or one that is paper-based) through to a demotivating system that is based on compliance (rather than development). On top of this, career opportunities and development are consistently some of the highest drivers of engagement but many organisations don't know how to tackle it and managers aren’t equipped to have development conversations.

A common concern we hear from organisations is that putting a new performance management system into effect is difficult. However, when it comes to changes in how we measure our team’s performance – updates to your approach could be hugely beneficial.

In this guide, we identify 3 principles that will support leaders to feel confident when adopting a new performance management system.

Download the guide to learn:

  • What’s new about measuring performance in 2021

  • How to get managers to feel a sense of trust in your performance process

  • What a ‘holistic review’ is and why it improves the accuracy of reviews

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