Selecting the Right Partner to Source and Manage Your Extended Workforce

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Selecting the right partner is a critical decision for companies that want to optimise their use of external labour, but it can be daunting given the diversity of offerings and the need to match complex organisational needs with an MSP’s (Managed Service Provider’s) capabilities.

This guide will help you make an informed choice by providing tips and considerations as you evaluate various aspects of an MSP’s services, capabilities, and alignment with your needs.

Topics include:

  • Why an MSP is critical when sourcing and managing your extended workforce

  • How to best identify your requirements

  • Effective ways to proceed through partner evaluation and considerations guiding your assessment

Grab the eBook today and unlock the keys to discovering an MSP that will elevate your extended workforce program to unprecedented heights!

About Magnit

Magnit™ is a global leader and pioneer in contingent workforce management. Our industry-leading Integrated Workforce Management (IWM) Platform is supported by 30+ years of innovation, modern software, proven expertise, and world-class data and intelligence. It enables companies to optimize talent and diversity goals while achieving operational and financial success. With Magnit, companies can adapt quickly to the evolution of work to grow their extended workforce with greater agility, transparency, and speed.

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