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Salary-Linked Services: How technology can help your workers
through the cost-of-living crisis

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Pay is the fundamental link between employers and employees. By leveraging this further and offering financial tools linked to payroll, you can boost worker wellbeing while improving business performance at the same time.

Download this report to find out:

  • How employees can get paid on-demand without impacting your cashflow

  • How Capita halved staff turnover

  • How the world's biggest law firm helped staff save an extra £100 a month

  • Why 'nudge theory' is key to a happy workforce

  • How London's top tutoring agency eliminated unfilled shifts

About Level FT

Level is the UK's most credible provider of On-Demand Pay & Payroll Savings; empowering workers to instantly access, save and budget from their earned wages. This unlocks the power of payday for the benefit of both employers and employees.

Additionally, Level is the only platform in the UK that offers on-demand pay under your brand, with a whitelabel product and an API that plugs into existing employee apps.

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