Removing the taboo around money:
How to enable culture change

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We're living in a time filled with uncertainty. Many of us will be anxious about the future, particularly about our finances. Employers want to be able to support, but it can be difficult to find out who needs what help - most of us don't like talking about money!

You can create policies, but without the right culture, it's extremely difficult to embed change in your organisation. There isn't a quick-fix, but there are many ways to get going, even if you don't have a formal strategy or big budgets.

This must-read guide is designed for those who want practical tips and advice that you can start implementing straight away, that will enable you to help employees who might be struggling.

Six ways to create an open culture around money:
1. Encourage action
2. Ensure you have line manager training and buy-in
3. Create employee represented steering groups
4. Consider financial wellbeing first aiders
5. Encourage sharing personal stories
6. Bring in inspirational speakers

Download ‘Removing the taboo around money: How to enable culture change’ to understand the taboos around money and get practical tips that will allow you to create an open culture around money in your organisation.

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