Recruiting & DEI - Getting To Grips With Your Data

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Business leaders across the globe, from the smallest startups to the biggest global corporations have publicly committed to taking action against bias and discrimination in their own workplaces. The desire to create a better diverse workforce is under pressure as companies come to terms with the impact from the global lockdown while striving to balance the demands placed on them by their people – flexible conditions, reskilling, wellness and hybrid working, to name but a few. But where to begin?

Data is an essential resource that HR must harnessed to understand where they are, and sign-post where they need to go. In this short guide you'll find some key actions you can take right now to start driving DEI strategy with data.

About SplashBI

At SplashBI our mission is to deliver the power of data-driven decisions by providing instant access to data from disparate systems in the form of reports, visualisations, and trends.

Our philosophy is Data Never Lies and Data Never Dies. SplashBI offers insightful pre-built content, powerful ad-hoc reporting, and in-depth dashboards through our proprietary data models for faster implementations and quick ROI.

SplashHR is our ready to use People Analytics solution that enables businesses to be better informed, to make intelligent decisions touching all aspects across their recruiting strategies, employee engagement, talent management, DEI, and much more.

Our Vision is to create a truly meaningful people analytics capability, fully aligned with the goals of the business, to drive better outcomes.


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