Preventing burnout across the employee lifecycle

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Preventing Burnout Across Employee Lifecycle is an interactive workbook designed to help leaders better understand and prevent burnout among top talent.

With downloadable pages that can be used with your team, the e-Book provides exercises, infographics, and insights from psychologists and coaches who have first-hand experience of combating burnout.

Inside, you will find resources such as the Burnout Prevention Checklist as well as information on how to ethically measure and address burnout.

You will learn

  • The impact of burnout on today's workplace in the post-pandemic era

  • Perspective on the root causes of burnout

  • Practical advice on how to create a healthy workplace

About Emplomind

Emplomind is a platform created to help large and medium businesses support their employees’ mental wellbeing, measure sentiments within the organisation, and create a healthy company culture.

We offer tailored wellbeing programs and on-demand sessions with verified counselors, psychotherapists and coaches through our anonymous app. Emplomind specialists understand the opportunities and challenges of the modern workplace; many of them have worked as leaders and HR specialists. They are experts in burnout prevention, communication, and effective leadership.

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